Harvest Moon Tree of Tranqu (Wii)

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Harvest Moon Tree of Tranqu (Wii)
In Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility for the Nintendo Wii; you find yourself in a troubled island town which once prospered with life and energy; but is now in serious trouble. The mystical Mother Tree that once watched over the island has disappeared; and the Harvest Goddess is nowhere to be found! The island has lost its connection with nature and the inhabitants don't know what to do Ð it's up to you to save the island!

You must help to rebuild the island by tending to the earth; befriending and raising animals; nurturing friendships; and creating a family. When the giant Mother Tree is reborn; the Harvest Goddess will return and bring prosperity to the island once again. Long-time Harvest Moon fans as well as new players will find an exciting; involving storyline and plenty of activities including cultivating crops; caring for animals; and participating in festivals. All-new controls for the Nintendo Wii Remote give players the chance to feel like they're really farming!

  • Cut; water and plant crops with realistic motions using your Nintendo Wii Remote!
  • Choose a farming life as a boy or a girl character!
  • Build your own farm; and then expand by buying more land!
  • Raise cows; goats; ducks; chickens; horse; silkwormsÉ even ostriches!
  • Earn extra funds while working part-time at local shops and businesses.
  • Explore the biggest Harvest Moon adventure ever created for any video game system!