Blue Remote w/ MotionPlus (Wii)

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OK; forget everything you've learned before. In the next five minutes; you'll need to blow away 150 of the most deadly; mean alien bugs you can come across. Or die.

You will be leading a platoon of the fifth Marine commandos to cleanse 65;000 metric tons of space hulk of the galaxy's most vicious alien bugs. You probably won't make it; but we're giving you the hardware to do the job. Check this out: A 7.68mm General Electric Minigun; 75lbs. Industrial ChainSaw; 20mm Pump-Action Shotgun; 8-meter FlameThrower; Plasma Rifle; Machine Gun; 8'' NailGun and more.

A dropship is ready to lauch you into action. Like we said before; you probably won't make it; but hell; who knows?

  • 3D Abuse®!
  • Start massive firefights in true 360-degree freedom;
  • Non-stop 3rd person 3D action with innovative control method;
  • Blast through walls; ceilings and floors to discover secrets and powerups;
  • Annihilate wave after wave of vicious; deadly aliens with massive firepower;
  • Easily create and distribute your own levels with the built-in editor!