The Incredible Hulk (PS2)

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The Incredible Hulk (PS2)

Since his creation by Stan Lee in 1962; the Hulk has become one of Marvel's most well known and popular characters around the world. Expanding from his comic-book origins; the Hulk has been seen in video games; books; TV and countless other mediums. Now; with the release of the blockbuster Ang Lee film in Summer 2003; Universal will bring the Hulk to life like never before.

Troubled scientist Bruce Banner and his enraged alter ego; Hulk; battle against the terrifying forces of the Leader - a gamma villain intent on using the Hulk's gamma energy to unleash a relentless army of gamma creatures on the world. Betrayed by his long-time colleague and mentor; Professor Crawford; Bruce releases the essence of Hulk into the Orb (the successor to Bruce's Gamma Sphere ... used in the film). Now; Bruce must pursue the Orb and its mysterious possessor through San Francisco; into the Freehold of Alcatraz; out of heavily guarded military installations and finally to the terrifying; surreal Freehold of the Leader himself. By facing his own shattered identity; Bruce will overcome the insane intentions of the Leader.

  • Two types of gameplay ... employ the powers of brains and stealth as Bruce Banner or take control of the incredible strength and rage of the Hulk
  • 30 massive; highly-detailed levels featuring environments both directly from the film and exclusive to the game
  • SMASH HULK -- Fully destructible and interactive environments ... virtually anything can be manipulated; picked up; destroyed or used as a weapon. The Hulk can smash through walls; use semi-trucks as weapons; throw enemies through walls and more
  • THE ULTIMATE VILLAINS -- Intense boss battles ... the Hulk will battle it out against gamma-enhanced super villains like Flux; Rampage and Half-Life
  • Hollywood quality voiceover featuring members of the actual film cast; including Eric Bana as Bruce
  • DEVASTATING ATTACKS -- Take down the Hulk's foes with more than 25 killer attacks; including super attacks like the Sonic Clap and Gamma Slam