State of Decay (Xbox One)

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State of Decay (Xbox One)

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition is the first release of the game for the Xbox One platform and a compilation release for the PC as most of the content was already available separately. It contains:

The graphics were remastered from 720p to 1080p with new animations, improved lighting, textures, combat mechanics and an extended drawing distance. It also adds a knife as a new melee weapon. There are new missions as supply crates with rare content can now appear, also drawing large hordes of zombies. Characters from Lifeline can now be unlocked in Breakdown, including the previously unplayable Kelly 'Sasquatch' Eldridge. The game contains a new SUV as well as custom vehicle skins distributed across all maps. New weapons include new assault rifles with under-barrel grenade launcher attachments as well as shotguns that fire incendiary rounds.