Star Wars Battlefront (PS4) (Pre-Owned)

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Star Wars Battlefront (PS4) (Pre-Owned)

For the first time ever in the Star Wars Battlefront series; players will be able to fight on multi-level battlefronts; on the ground and in space. Players can start the fight on foot; commandeer a vehicle to battle on the ground or dogfight in space; and land their craft and fight on capital starships. The battles waged on each front are all directly effected by the player's actions; creating a combat experience where every shot fired and every enemy defeated can affect the outcome of a battle on another front.

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron features a deep and engrossing single player campaign that spans the entire Star Wars Saga Ñ and beyond. Gamers assume the identity of X2; a clone trooper created from the DNA of a Jedi Master. Originally tasked with eliminating Jedi during Order 66; X2 decides to leave his blood-stained past behind and joins the Rebellion. X2 isn't the only Force-sensitive clone; however. X1; his clone brother; chooses a much more sinister path; leading to a confrontation that could determine the fate of both the Empire and the Rebellion.

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