Freedom Wars (PSP Vita)

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Freedom Wars (PSP Vita)
JAPAN Studio and developers Shift and Dimps have joined forces to create Freedom Wars; an action-packed RPG; launching exclusively on the PlayStation¨Vita handheld entertainment system. One of most anticipated games of 2014 in Japan; the frenetic; co-op action will launch in North America later this year.

Freedom Wars is set in PT Era 102014; the earth has been devastated by atmospheric pollution and the world is running out of resources. Human beings can only survive inside purpose-built facilities known as Panopticons. City-states across the dystopian world fight each other to take control of what is left; using Panopticons to take control of precious finite resources. Players take on the role of a prisoner in this Panopticon facility; subject to a million-year prison sentence and forced to fight for their freedom.

Freedom Wars promises to combine an epic single-player campaign with a substantial multiplayer offering. Supported by a robust multiplayer suite; up to four players via Ad-Hoc and eight players via Online can fight in an intense blend of action and strategy to rescue civilians from massive mechanic monsters known as Abductors. In Freedom Wars; complete your missions; reduce your sentence; earn your freedom.

  • Large-Scale Co-Op Action - Work together with up to seven other players in an intense blend of action and strategy. Freedom Wars supports up to four players via Ad-Hoc and up to eight players via Wi-Fi connections.
  • Extraordinary Weapons - Players will be able to use variety of weapons such as swords; rifles and machine guns. The most unique and valued weapon is the Thorn that is wrapped around the player's arm; which can be used for multiple actions; including hooking on to enemies or walls to propel or attack; moving vertically; tying down enemies and more.
  • Join a Panopticon - Select a city to represent and help your city rise in the global ranks as you battle users from other regions and countries.
  • Deep Customization - In addition to the challenging co-op gameplay; Freedom Wars boasts an impressive catalog of customizable features ranging from weapon load-outs to the protagonist itself.