Baseball Simulator 1000 (NES)

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Baseball Simulator 1000 (NES)
Precise pitching; bulls-eye batting; and far-out fielding! It's all under your control with simple yet sophisticated operation. At last; the definitive baseball action game. With loads of features; it's the ultimate baseball simulation you've waited for. Play ball with your favorite major league stars; heroes from the past; fantasy leagues - even enter yourself as the star! Enter team and player names and all the important stats for your very own team. Play a full length season with six teams for 5; 30; 60; or even 165 games. Follow the teams and players through the season - monitor their stats; even get top 10 rankings in batting and pitching. Add a whole new dimension of fun to baseball with the wacky Ultra Plays. Throw pitches that disappear or speed up in mid-air. Fight back with hits that explode or knock out the fielders. And catch them by leaping hundreds of feet in the air. With the six teams of the Ultra League; you'll play baseball like it's never been played before!