Arkanoid (NES)

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Developed by Rocksteady Studios; Batman: Arkham City builds upon the intense; atmospheric foundation of Batman: Arkham Asylum; sending players soaring into Arkham City; the new maximum security "home" for all of Gotham City's thugs; gangsters and insane criminal masterminds. Set inside the heavily fortified walls of a sprawling district in the heart of Gotham City; this highly anticipated sequel introduces a brand-new story that draws together a new all-star cast of classic characters and murderous villains from the Batman universe; as well as a vast range of new and enhanced gameplay features to deliver the ultimate experience as the Dark Knight.

  • Become the Dark Knight - Batman: Arkham City delivers a genuinely authentic Batman experience with advanced; compelling gameplay on every level: high-impact street brawls; nail-biting stealth; multifaceted forensic investigation; epic super-villain encounters and unexpected glimpses into Batman's tortured psychology.
  • Play as Catwoman - Catwoman is a fully playable character in Batman: Arkham City who has her own storyline in the main game which is seamlessly interwoven with Batman's story arc. Her navigation skills; combat moves and gadgetry have been specifically designed to deliver a fully featured and unique experience.
  • Advanced FreeFlow Combat - Batman faces highly coordinated; simultaneous attacks from every direction as Arkham's gangs bring heavy weapons and all-new AI to the fight; but Batman steps it up with twice the number of combat animations and double the range of attacks; counters and takedowns.
  • New Gadgets - Batman has access to new gadgets such as the Cryptographic Sequencer V2 and Smoke Pellets; as well as new functionality for existing gadgets that expand the range of Batman's abilities without adding extra weight to his Utility Belt.
  • New Story - Five-time Emmy-Award-winner Paul Dini returns to pen a brand-new story for Batman: Arkham City; taking gamers deep inside the diseased heart of Gotham.
  • Arkham Has Moved - Following the closure of Arkham Asylum and Blackgate prison; Gotham's new mayor; Quincy Sharp ordered the relocation of all inmates to Arkham City - a sprawling new super-prison five times bigger than Arkham Island; enclosing a wide variety of industrial districts; iconic locations and Gotham landmarks.
  • Huge Cast of Characters - Players encounter numerous characters from the Batman universe; including Catwoman; Two-Face; Harley Quinn; Penguin; Hugo Strange; Victor Zsasz; Calendar Man; The Joker; The Riddler and other iconic characters yet to be revealed.
  • Featured VO Talent - Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy reprise their roles as The Joker and Batman respectively.