Anticipation (NES)

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Anticipation (NES)
Bored with board games? Tired of pursuing trivia? Had your fill of ethical questions? Then you're ready for ANTICIPATION. This zany; unpredictable; totally wacked-out video board game begins with a giant connect-the-dots puzzle. Suddenly; a video pencil starts connecting the dots and; before you know it; you're in a maddening race against the clock; trying to solve the puzzle. Is it an Igloo? A Penguin? A Pineapple? Whatever it is; you-and all your friends-will have a great time trying to guess what the pencil is drawing. Guess right and you'll get a crack at the really tough puzzles-no dots or clues; just the pencil drawing a picture. Think you're up to it? Then challenge your friends. Or take on the Computer. Either way; this off-the-floor board game will challenge you; excite you and generally drive you crazy for years to come.