Back to the Future 2 & 3 (NES)

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Back to the Future 2 & 3 (NES)

Get ready for a wild romp through time; Marty McFly; 'cause you're about to take off on a double mission to save the past; present and future! Better load up on pizza and soda as you rocket to the year 2015 in Doc's supercharged time machine. Hang on to your hi-speed hoverboard as you teach Biff Tannen a thing or two about stealing your Sports Almanac; and locate the special objects he's hidden throughout time. Then; if your flux capacitor isn't on the fritz; it's off to the Wild West; where sharp shootin' gunslingers want you out of town by sundown. The fate of the world -- not to mention generations of McFly's -- is in your hands... and you're out of time!