Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (PS2)

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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (PS2)

In Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, players enter the land of Neopia for the first time in 3D and journey with Neopian characters on an adventure to rid the world from the evil Darkest Faerie. Together they will travel through new lands, meet strange inhabitants and discover a mystery unseen by Neopian eyes. Complete quests, defend yourself against evil creatures under the influence of the Darkest Faerie, collect and use a variety of items throughout the adventure.

  • A single player 3D action-adventure tale that spans 1000 years of Neopian history.
  • Players can switch between two characters – Tormund or Roberta, to take advantage of their unique abilities.
  • Huge seamless environments for exploring magnificient castles, rugged steppes, swamps, ancient dungeons, overgrown forests, floating palaces, ghost infested ruins and much, much more.
  • Through gameplay, players can equip their characters with swords, wands, shields and armor to defend against the powers of the Darkest Faerie and her minions.
  • Unique "mote magic" system allows players to customize both attack and defense with items found in the world.
  • Petpet power up systems, allows player to select which petpet can follow them and confers special abilities to the player.
  • Explore over 60 areas with 100s of NPCs (Non Playable Characters). Open and explore a whole new realm in the world of Neopia.
  • Battle 12 unique bosses.