Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U) (Pre-Owned)

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U) (Pre-Owned)

Take up arms and venture into a world of spectacular surroundings and challenging monsters in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U. With all-new monsters; equipment and weapons and over 200 action-packed quests to tackle; Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the most expansive game in the series to date.

In this action RPG; take more than just satisfaction from your hard-fought victories: carve conquered monsters to gain their bones; horns; hides and more; then have them fashioned into weapons and armour to steel you for the even tougher battles ahead. It is the hunter's way.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate utilises the unique functionalities of Wii U to provide players with a truly intuitive hunting experience. The optional new Target Camera feature now makes it easier to focus quickly on nearby monsters with a simple press of a button. Get quick access to in-game books; weapons; field maps and minigames with the Wii U GamePad touch screen; while the high quality graphics of Wii U deliver a unique and stunning world to explore.

Form hunting parties of up to four players online; or enjoy the hunt with Nintendo 3DS players via a local wireless connection. If you own both a Wii U and Nintendo 3DS; as well as a copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for each system; take advantage of the inter-compatibility of save data between the two consoles to take the hunt from your living room wherever you go.

  • Hunt fierce new monsters and tackle over 200 quests in an epic action RPG
  • Team up online with other Wii U owners; or play with Nintendo 3DS players via local wireless connection
  • Transfer save data to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Nintendo 3DS to take the hunt wherever you go