MLB 2004 (PS2)

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MLB 2004 (PS2)
  • Total Control Pitching allows players to determine pitch selection, location, and velocity
  • Total Control Batting lets players guess pitch type and location in their attempt to go yard
  • Hot and Cold Streaks affect hitters' performances throughout a game
  • Charge the mound if you must; but, be aware of an early trip to the showers and a possible suspension
  • Key Managerial decisions will affect the outcome of the game, including pitching changes, bullpen activity, double switches, and pitch outs
  • In game scouting reports let gamers know a player's strengths and weaknesses
  • 12 modes of gameplay including Career Mode, Franchise Mode, Season Mode, and General Manager Mode
  • Career Mode gives gamers the ability to follow or create a player and attempt to make him a Hall-of-Famer. Start off in Spring Training Mode and see if you have what it takes to earn a spot in "the show." Play well enough, and you could be heading North ... with the big club. Play poorly, and you'll have to prove yourself in the minor leagues
  • General Manager Mode allows you to run your franchise monitoring trades, free agents, and drafts
  • Incredible ballpark recreations including authentic sponsor signage, animated umpires and crows, and animated JumboTrons
  • Lifelike player models and personalized animations with faces taken directly from head scans from every Major League player and motion capture from more than 24 professional players