Major League Baseball 2K8 (PS3)

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Major League Baseball 2K8 (PS3)

The top rated NHL franchise returns with an entirely NEW NHL EXPERIENCE featuring revolutionary gameplay controls; all-new goaltending; and stunning next-gen visuals highlighting redesigned player models and animations.

  • ProStick - Completely free 360¡ range of motion can now be easily performed in ALL areas of the game including puckhandling; dekeing; passing; shooting; poke checks; clogging passing lanes; laying the stick to ice; and even in a new face-off system! With hundreds of new animations; ProStick gives gamers the ultimate look; feel; and control over their favorite NHL players.
  • All-NEW Face-Off System - Under the supervision of '06 MVP Joe Thornton; a whole new approach to hockey game face-offs places emphasis on timing and strategy. Using the ProStickª; properly position your player's stick to swipe at the puck and win critical late game face-offs. With tie-ups; warns; and toss outs; this is the most in depth face-off system ever.
  • All-NEW Goaltending - Goaltending has been completely overhauled with instinctive AI; entirely new animations; and situation specific behaviors. Goaltenders will now come out and challenge; guard the post; perform spectacular butterfly saves; and much more!
  • NHL Signature Style - Totally redesigned player models with accurate equipment brands and updated player faces bring you the most realistic hockey game to date. Coupled with an entirely revamped Edit-a-Player mode that allows you to modify every facet of your hockey players' appearance including stick and leg tape patterns!
  • Deeper Franchise - THE DEEPEST franchise mode in the business; now complete with realistic CBA features such as waivers; two-way contracts; restricted and unrestricted free agents; and salary cap management. Also including a revamped off-season that boasts a brand new negotiation system; an improved draft; refurbished free agent signing; and an All-NEW player progression system with dynamic player types!
  • 2K Sports Online - Now with over 1 MILLION online gamers in the 2K community; go head-to-head against the best players on the planet and enter for your chance to win an ALL NEW Dodge vehicle in the NHL 2K8 Dodge Tourney!