Madden NFL 07 (Xbox 360)

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Madden NFL 07 (Xbox 360)

The Madden series returns to the Xbox 360 and makes its debut on the PlayStation 3 with Madden NFL 07. Presenting everything in its own graphics and physics engine, the next-gen version has many of the same new features introduced in the previous generation's version, adds several that were missing last year, and also has some unique features on its own.

Most of the new gameplay additions like the Highlight Stick, Lead Blocker Control and the new kicking meter have made it to this version. The Franchise mode returns largely untouched from last year, thus still missing previous-gen features like Storyline Central or Owner Mode or the newly introduced draft scouting and college all-star game. Last year's Superstar Mode however arrives for the first time on the new generation systems, with a different focus from the previous-gen version. Less focused on the player's appearance off the field, it doesn't feature the likes of product endorsements or movie deals, instead concentrating on the athletic side of the player's career. Like in the previous-gen version, the ultimate goal is to put the superstar player into the hall of fame.

An exclusive new feature are Madden Gamer points, taking the place of the Madden Challenges and Madden Cards from the previous-gen versions. Players accumulate the points over the course of playing the game by performing certain feats in the game's modes and can wager them in head-to-head offline matches. Accumulating them unlocks hidden features like Hall of Fame players and player types for the Create-A-Player mode.