Lets Ride! Silver Buckle Stables (PS2)

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Lets Ride! Silver Buckle Stables (PS2)

You're the owner of a new horse farm, Silver Buckle Stables! Choose your horse, pick out your riding outfits and even accessorize your horse with saddles, ribbons and more. The competitions are tough, but practice hard at the corral to perfect your riding technique and you'll make it to the Equestrian Center where you can show off your skills to win blue ribbons and buckles!

  • Create the horse of your dreams from hundreds of combinations of coats, manes, saddles, bridles, blankets and more!
  • Head to practice corral to prepare you and your horse, then head to the big barrel racing competition in 13 events!
  • Create your own character by picking out your clothes, coots, hair color, hat and more.
  • Take a leisurely stroll through the fields, woods and streams of Silver Buckle Stables and play six different action-packed mini adventures!
  • Rise from an unranked rider al the way to a AAA riding professional!