King of Clubs: Mini-Golf (Wii) (Pre-Owned)

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King of Clubs: Mini-Golf (Wii) (Pre-Owned)

Hot on the heels of the million-selling original; Carnival Games: Mini-Golf comes exclusively to the Wii and is home to larger-than-life; theme park style miniature golf courses. Whether back in time to the land of dinosaurs; keeping order in the Wild West or searching for a buried treasure in Pirate's Cove; the game combines traditional mini-golf fare with action-oriented game play -- utilizing the unique capabilities of the Wii Remote.

  • Built from the ground up as a Wii exclusive
  • 27 larger-than-life holes spanning nine theme-park style courses including Prehistoric Times; Wild West; Amazon Jungle; Pirate's Cove; Fairytale Land; Egyptian Pyramids; Haunted Mansion and more
  • Win over 100 usable prizes: custom clubs; Wacky Wearables (double the amount in Carnival Games) and special golf balls
  • Shoot for par in Adventure mode; master mini-games in Challenge mode or sink a hole-in-one in Trick Shot
  • Action-Oriented Game Play ... Battle pirate ships; dodge alligators; jive to jungle beats; soar through the air as a pterodactyl and shoot ghostly ghouls
  • Play in Single Player; Multiplayer (up to 4 Wii Remotes at once) or in the Barker Challenge Mode - Go head-to-head with Carnival Bob for a "hole in fun!"