Gretzky NHL 2005 (PS2)

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Gretzky NHL 2005 (PS2)

NHL FaceOffTM 2005; features players with detailed facial animations that convey the power and emotion of their sport; EyeToyTM functionality; which allows gamers to put their face into the game and become an NHL player; and breathtaking arenas complete with arena-specific game intros; goal horns and interactive crowds. To challenge the skill levels of all hockey videogame fans; NHL FaceOff 2005 offers an extensive list of gameplay modes including Tournament Mode with customizable tournaments; Franchise (Season) Mode where gamers act as owners; Online Mode with downloadable roster updates and Rivalry Mode; which sets the stage to revisit the ultimate heated match-up time after time. By combining authentic gameplay; intuitive play controls and an enhanced presentation with the fast; fluid; hard-hitting intensity of arcade style play; NHL FaceOff 2005 delivers the look; feel and passion of hockey and provides gamers with a true-to-life

  • Rivalry Mode - Designed for two players to pick their favorite match-up and record stats; customize rules and settings; then save it to the memory card. Records lifetime rivalry detailed stats and records that will be stored and visible every time the rivalry is reunited. Stats include: wins; losses; ties; OT losses; win percentage; goals for; goals against; goal differential; most goals (team); most goals (player); most assists (player); most points (player); most saves (player) and many more.
  • Online Mode - Take a team online and enter the next level of hockey competition in head-to-head play; tournaments with up to 64 teams; voice-recognition controls with USB headset functionality and downloadable roster updates.
  • Franchise (Season) - Franchise Mode is highly customizable. Assume the role of GM and the responsibility of franchise ownership including draft; trade and contract negotiations with every player. Play the regular 82 game season or multiple seasons with a single team; or customize the length of the season. After the regular season; advance to the playoffs as one of the top 8 teams in each conference; play on and be crowned as the Stanley Cup champion.
  • Tournament - Create and customize several types of tournament play with up to 32 teams including round robin; single and double elimination and ShootOut where it is one-on-one between the shooter and goalie. All gameplay options will be saved separately as a distinct part of an ongoing tournament.
  • Exhibition - Gamers can select their favorite team and face off any NHL rivalry.
  • Quick Start - The quickest way to the NHL. Jump right in and play with two evenly matched teams ready for action.
  • Practice - Users can fine-tune their game before heading into live NHL action. Work on power play and short-handed situations as well as tradition hockey fundamentals like shooting; skating; passing; checking and goal tending.
  • EyeToy Functionality - Utilizing the EyeToy USB camera; gamers can take a snapshot of themselves; put their face into the game and truly become an NHL player.
  • Create-A-Player - Create a player from scratch or edit each existing NHL player.
  • Create-A-Team - With over 100 unique and 75 team logos to choose from; players can create their own unique version of the next NHL Stanley Cup Champion.
  • Professional NHL Motion Captured Athletes - NHL FaceOff 2005 features over 2500 animations that were captured utilizing professional hockey players.
  • NHL Coaches Association License - NHL coaches' likenesses have been replicated in life-like detail.
  • Breathtaking Arenas - All NHL arenas from LA to Boston have been replicated to provide a truly authentic experience including arena-specific game intro sequences and goal horns; interactive crowds with all-new crowd sounds including chants for teams and players; real-time scoreboards with realistic jumbotron and LED board animations.
  • World Cup of Hockey - Whether playing as or against one of the eight hockey super powerhouses of the world; NHL FaceOff 2005 provides gamers the opportunity to challenge as or against Canada; Chez Republic; Finland; Germany; Norway; Russia; Sweden or the United States while vying for the World Cup of Hockey.