Ballz 3D (Genesis)

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Ballz 3D (Genesis)
Imagine Ballet Dancer allows you to step into the dancing shoes of an aspiring ballerina! Learn how to twirl; jump and jettè your way to the top in rehearsals and on stage during performances. Choose your outfits and customize your routines to show off your most graceful moves.

  • Pick your favorite character from 4 different ones - each with her own look and personality. In Story mode; each character has her own ending. Play all 4 characters and discover each of their stories
  • Customize your character with different hair styles; make-up; outfits and accessories. You have over 130 different accessories and outfits; and what you wear when you perform is just as important as how well you dance.
  • Practice all types of steps and moves with your stylus such as plies; pointes; pas de deux among many more. Customize your routine and perform in recitals as you dance your way to the top.
  • Play 8 fun mini-games including Capture the Flag; Dodgeball; Rhythm Touch and more. Challenge yourself or play wirelessly with friends. (note that all but one of the mini-games are not ballet themed; and only the three listed here have wireless play).