4 Player Adapter Multi (Genesis)

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Sega-AM2's off-the-wall arcade smash; 18-Wheeler: American Pro Trucker; is rambling to the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo GameCube for one heck'uva pit stop! Get behind the wheel of a 60 foot long; 20 ton; 18-wheeled beast and buckle up as you haul tail from New York to California and everywhere in between in the most intense joyride of your life. 10-4 good buddy--over and out!

  • Exciting Arcade mode and tons of twisted minigames.
  • Naomi-based technology plus the power of the PS2 provides unparalleled gameplay.
  • Split-screen two-player Versus mode; featuring four different raceways.
  • Five over the top drivers; each behind the wheel of their own unique rig.
  • Down home" audio; from ho-down Country music to CB prompts and taunts.
  • Multiple camera angles for maximum jack-knife action.