NBA Courtside 2002 (GameCube)

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NBA Courtside 2002 (GameCube)
Developed exclusively for Nintendo GameCube by Left Field; NBA Courtside 2002 taps into the power of Nintendo GameCube to deliver authentic NBA action like never before. Up to four players can hit the hardwood simultaneously; and talk trash to their hearts' content as they bust sweet cross-overs; first-step jukes and monster dunks.

NBA Courtside 2002 delivers a one-two punch of slick graphics and tight gameplay. Precise face-mapping ensures that your favorite ballers are recognizable; and fluid player animation brings the game to life. Why do the moves look so good? Because Left Field spent two days with NBA superstar Kobe Bryant in an intense motion-capture session.

Courtside 2002 gives sports fans everything they expect from a basketball game; including full-season scheduling; momentum shifts; complete stats and a Create-A-Player feature. Unique to Courtside 2002 is an adrenaline button which can give you the extra juice you need to turn a normal lay-up into an ankle-breaking reverse jam. Lively commentary brings the action to life without becoming repetitious.

  • Developed exclusively for the GameCube
  • Slick graphics and tight gameplay
  • Precise face-mapping
  • Fluid player animation
  • Up to 4 players