Aggravation Scrabble Sorry (Game Boy Advance)

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Aggravation Scrabble Sorry (Game Boy Advance)
Age of Empires II has five story-based; single-player campaigns which focus on historical figures and their struggles to achieve greatness. Campaigns that revolve around William Wallace; Joan of Arc; Genghis Khan; Barbarossa; and Saladin will test all of your strategic skills as you strive onward to victory! Gamers command one of 13 mighty civilizations. These include the Franks; Japanese; Byzantines; Vikings; Mongols and Celts civilizations. Each civilization has unique attributes; buildings and technologies as well as a unique combat unit based on its historical counterpart. Players can improve the economy of their civilization through trade and diplomacy options. In addition to gathering resources; they can trade at their own market or use trading routes with their allies. A market-based economy gives new options for players to buy; sell; and speculate on resources.