This Saturday the 26th at 7PM we are having a SUPER SMASH BROS TOURNAMENT. Entry is only $5 and the format will be double elimination. You can sign up on the night of the event or if you sign up before Saturday you will also get 30 minutes of time in one of our Virtual Reality booths for FREE. Stop by our store at 1913 Hewitt Ave, Everett, WA 98036 or call us at 425-374-7395 with any questions. Below are the specific rules for the tournament:



Game version: US Nintendo WiiU

Game Settings: 2 Stock, 6 Minutes, Custom Moves Off, Items Off, Equipment Off, Handicap Off, Pause Off, Damage Ratio 1.0x, 2/3 Games Mii Fighters On (1-1-1-1 Default Guest Miis) Amiibo’s are banned.

Stages: Battlefield [Dream Land 64], Final Destination [Ω Midgar, Ω Suzaku Castle and Ω Wily Castle], Lylat Cruise, Smashville,Town&City

First stage is decided by (Rock Paper Scissors) best of 1.

Winner may choose to either strike a stage first or select a port first. Stages are struck in a P1-P2-P2-P1 order. Following stages decided by winner striking one stage from all stages and then loser choosing. Winning player is not locked into the same character for the next match, but has to pick before loser selects character. You may not pick the last stage you have previously won on during the set unless mutually agreed to. You may not play on a stage that is not on the available stages list. If a game ends with a self-destruct move, the results screen will determine the winner. Sudden Death with tied percentage/stock will result in a 1 stock/3 minutes playoff match. There will be no loading anything on to the tournament console.