7 Wonders II (DS)

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7 Wonders II (DS)
Casual gamers and fans of the original PC version can now experience the new look and feel of 7 Wonders II on the handheld format. Each level features a playing field covered in up to seven different types of ancient symbols; representing The Seven Wonders of the Forgotten World. Set against a backdrop of forgotten cities; hidden treasure and ancient relics; players must use the stylus to drag the coloured tiles across the game board and make matching sets before the time runs out.

7 Wonders II features a number of power-ups and bonuses that can be collected along the way to help gamers complete challenges quickly. Power-ups include an Ice Ball; earned by matching four symbols and used for removing tiles in a horizontal line. Similarly; the Fire Ball eliminates icons vertically and horizontally after five tiles are linked. Bonuses are gained by dropping building blocks onto certain marked squares. A Clock Stopper bonus freezes time for 20 seconds and a Chameleon bonus can change the colour of any icon on the grid.