Burnout (GameCube)

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Burnout (GameCube)

Burnout is a high risk, high energy arcade style street racer. No learning curve required, just pick up and play. The most spectacular crashes ever--period. Burnout's action will leave you sweating, short of breath and totally in shock. Hyperventilating is part of the fun. Burnout monitors your driver's heart rate: You're rewarded for near-misses and the more risks you take. Civilians steer clear.

  • There's only one way to drive in Burnout: dangerously. Force traffic into your opponent's path and risk a head-on collision to secure a win.
  • Slide, cut close, and drive into oncoming traffic and you'll be rewarded for your risk-taking.
  • Crashes are based on actual crash and damage physics for the ultimate in stunning realism.
  • Instant replays allow you to relive your handiwork from multiple angles, in all of its cringe-inducing, metal-bashing glory.
  • Incredibly advanced traffic AI - Civilians try to avoid and warn you while opponents try to slam you off the road.
  • Cruise the United States and Europe on 14 awesome, traffic-filled courses, through cities and into the countryside.
  • Over 300 vehicles fill the streets and highways making reckless racing and wild demolition a certainty.
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound brings the roar of screeching tires and twisting metal to life.
  • Analog controller compatible, so you can feel every turn, skid, and crash.
  • Progressive Scan Mode - Couple your Digital TV to the Nintendo Component Video Cable and Burnout will display an extremely crisp, clear image running in 480p. You haven't seen anything until you've played Burnout on a Digital TV (NTSC version only).
  • Improved lighting - All courses have been completely relit, making the game look much more realistic. Place the Nintendo GameCube version side by side with the last version of Burnout and you'll see a big difference.
  • Anti-aliasing - Provides a much smoother and stable image that looks more realistic than ever.
  • Tri-linear filtering - Another improvement that makes all textures smoother and reduces flickering.
  • Improved physics and handling - The vehicles feel more responsive and exciting, with tweaks designed especially for the Nintendo controller.
  • Improved deformation model - All the vehicles, including traffic cars crush and crumple realistically, making the crashes look more real.
  • Improved special effects - Motion blur, particles, lighting, and more.
  • Nintendo "Wavebird" support - Our game supports the new wireless controller coming soon from Nintendo.