*BRAND NEW* Super Mario Advance - PRISTINE CONDITION (Gameboy Advance)

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*BRAND NEW* Super Mario Advance - PRISTINE CONDITION (Gameboy Advance)

This item is BRAND NEW and factory sealed and is in IMMACULATE condition, even the plastic. There is still a security tag on the bottom of the box, it's only stuck on with glue but I didn't want to risk tearing the plastic wrap by taking it off, someone with a more careful hand will probably be able to get it off pretty easily.

This game is actually 2-in-1! It has Super Mario Bros. 2 (modified and cleaned up version of the original SNES game) and the Classic Arcade Mario Bros. game (the arcade game with the POW block down in the center if you remember your classics). You can play Mario Bros. with 4 players simultaniously. Super Mario Bros. 2 is a single player side-scroller where you choose between Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad (all with different special powers) to complete it.