*BRAND NEW* Beyblade V-Force: Super Tournament Battle (GameCube)

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*BRAND NEW* Beyblade V-Force: Super Tournament Battle (GameCube)

It's a wildly successful toy line and a top-rated TV series… now, all elements of the Beyblade™ phenomenon come together. The Japanese sensation that has kids yelling Let It Rip! comes to the Nintendo® GameCube, inviting legions of fans to live the complete Beyblade™ experience.

Beybladers can build their own powerful spinning tops, add the spirit of the almighty Bit Beasts and enter their creations into fierce battles. Fans can play as their favorite characters and recreate historic Beyblade showdowns. It's the ultimate Beyblade fantasy — the Super Tournament Battle!


  • Powerful combination of popular toy action and TV series
  • Four exciting play modes, including Beyblade Battle Association Tournament and Battle Royal
  • A ®workshop" for players to build and customize their own Beyblades
  • Incredible stadiums in which to compete, including the dangerous magnetic stadiums.
  • Options to play as specific characters including Tyson, Kai and other members of the Bladebreakers (and their nemeses)