Blitz: The League (Xbox 360)

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Blitz: The League (Xbox 360)

The game which revolutionized pro football is back and better than ever, starring Lawrence Taylor, as Quentin Sands, and the new bad boy on the block, Bill Romanowski, as linebacker Bruno Batagglia.

Step onto the field with more customizable options than ever before, with new cities, logos, and unlockable players which will help you to create what could be the greatest franchise in league history. Take your team online and dominate your opponents using new offensive and defensive evasion moves, or try and defeat the three new division All-Star teams stacked with the best talent on the field. Get ready for another dramatic season of Blitz and experience The League like never before.

  • New Xbox 360 Achievements - Compelling and challenging user-earned achievements to help determine who has the biggest bark on the field
  • New League All-Star Teams – New to the Blitz franchise, three exclusive League All-Star Teams are now playable, complete with unique rosters, uniforms, and logos. — All-American Team – A collection of the best players from throughout The League. — East Team All-Stars – A collection of the best players from the Eastern League teams. — West Team All-Stars – A collection of the best players from the Western League teams.
  • User-Defined Soundtrack - Blitz: The League will fully support custom soundtracks defined by the player.
  • New Unlockable Content - All-new unlockable content including behind-the-scenes videos of Bill Romanowski.
  • Enhanced Customization – An all-new feature that allows players to re-enter the Campaign Mode and use additional rewards to further improve and upgrade their teams, even after conquering the League. This will allow for greater variations of user-created teams that can compete online.