Blitz: The League (Original Xbox)

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Blitz: The League (Original Xbox)

The newest iteration of the popular franchise; NFL Blitz 20-03 showcases over-the-top gameplay coupled with NFL strategy that challenges gamers to pick up the skills needed for the "big time." Like a football highlight reel; NFL Blitz 20-03 allows gamers to execute adrenaline-style moves such as bulldozing; stiff-arming; taking outrageous dives for passes and controlling; strong-armed; precision-passing quarterbacks who throw darts; bullets and bombs.

Officially licensed by the NFL and PLAYERS INC and featuring real NFL teams; players and stadiums; NFL Blitz is the only dedicated adrenaline-style football videogame franchise; providing bigger hits and wilder plays than any other football game. Along with over-the-top gameplay; larger-than-life players; and lightning-fast moves; all-new Create-a-Player mode allows players to build their alter ego; pushing Blitz even further on top of the football category.

    Officially Licensed by the NFL and NFL PLAYERS INC ... Includes all of your favorite NFL teams; players and stadiums
  • Over-the-Top; Adrenaline-Style Gameplay ... Players leap; soar; dive for passes; stiff-arm and bulldoze would-be defenders while strong-armed; precision-passing quarterbacks throw darts; bullets and bombs
  • Create-a-Player Mode ... Customize your own player down to the height; weight; position—even gear
  • All New Fantasy Stadiums ... Experience locations never before seen in a licensed NFL videogame
  • NFL Equivalent ... Updated rosters; schedules and uniforms with the addition of the Houston Texans
  • Improved Controls ... More intuitive; fast-action adrenaline-style controls
  • Enormous 3D Graphics ... Bulging muscles and real player faces bring the NFL up close
  • Unrivaled 3D Game Engine ... Play in various weather conditions from sun to rain to snow
  • Dynamic Camera Angles ... Catch all of the deep crossing routes; monster sticks and impossible catches
  • Outrageous; Over-the-Top Animations ... Play like your favorite NFL players only dream they could
  • Two-Man Booth ... High-powered play-by-play and color commentary to describe all the action
  • Explosive Soundtrack ... Licensed music from major bands plus outrageous sound effects