Battleship (DS)

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Battleship (DS)

Prepare for war alongside the US Naval fleet in BATTLESHIP! Created parallel to the Universal Pictures summer flick, BATTLESHIP finds you fending off a mysterious new alien threat and tells yet another side of the frightening story. Exclusive gameplay to Nintendo Wii and 3DS/DS platforms puts you in command of deploying naval units that turn the tide of battle. Find your inner Admiral and stop the aliens before it's too late!

  • Turn-Based Fun: BATTLESHIP for Wii and 3DS/DS combines the classic strategy gameplay from the original Battleship game with a unique story mode, with elements of actual naval warfare command, which puts the player in charge of a real naval fleet.
  • Unique Characters, Special Abilities: Control a selection of elite Navy personnel, each with their very own special ability to be used in combat.
  • Tactical Strategy: Direct real-world naval vessels like Frigates, Subs, Destroyers, Patrol Boats and Battleships using your very own brand of careful calculation.
  • Limitless Fun: Unlock maps and naval officers to use in a customizable Skirmish mode as you fight your way towards triumph!