Batman Vengeance (GameCube)

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Batman Vengeance (GameCube)

From the opening cinematics; players find themselves engulfed in Batmans world; the beginning of an episodic adventure of darkness; danger and deception. In the midst of one of The Jokers twisted schemes; during a struggle with Batman; The Joker falls from a bridge to his death. Crime sweeps Gotham City; as the likes of Poison Ivy; Mr. Freeze; Harley Quinn; and other notorious villains step up to fill The Jokers evil shoes. As players investigate the 22 maps (19 playable) they soon come to realize that nothing is as it seems; and the fate of Gotham City; lay in the balance.

  • Become Batman with blistering martial arts combos; over 500 unique animated moves; and a multi-functional cape with its own A.I.
  • Explore; Fight; Sneak; Decipher; Drive; Pilot; and even battle in massive mid-air freefalls.
  • Wield Batarangs; Batgrapples; Flash Bombs; Remote Charges; Batcuffs; Nets; the Batlauncher; Batscope; and more.
  • Featuring Dolby Prologic sound; over 40 minutes of rendered cinematics; and 19 open environments through Gotham City.