Batman: Dark Tomorrow (Original Xbox)

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Batman: Dark Tomorrow (Original Xbox)

Batman; the Dark Knight Detective of Gotham City; is back in an all-new adventure! Things are getting ugly in Gotham City; and it's up to Batman to solve the mystery and save the day. The legendary Caped Crusader must use all his mental and physical skills; devices from his Utility Belt; and sleuthing prowess to fight crime; solve the mystery and defeat the bad guys.

  • Story - The story is based on an original story by longtime Batman writer Scott Peterson; and written by Peterson and videogame industry veteran Kenji Terada (Final Fantasy I; II and III).
  • Cinematics - In between the action; watch the story unfold in the stunning and beautiful cinematic sequences. Takafumi Yuki and Terrence Masson (Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace; Batman Forever; True Lies) take Peterson's and Terada's story and bring it to life; moving the player and the Dark Knight towards the game's conclusion at breakneck pace.
  • Music - The Royal Philharmonic (London; England) sets the mood for Batman: Dark Tomorrow through a stirring soundtrack.
  • Utility Belt - A fully functional Utility Belt contains the following equipment: Batcuffs; Batarangs; Batcable; Batgrapple; Fingerlight; Medical Kits; Nightvision; Smoke Capsules; and Universal Tool.
  • Combat and Movement - In Batman: Dark Tomorrow; stealth is just as important as brute force--and sometimes even more important if the Dark Knight is to accomplish his mission.
  • Combat Modes - Punch; Combination Punch; Kick; Combination Kick; Spinning Kick; Sweeping Kick; Batarang; and Smoke Capsule.
  • Movement Modes - Crouch; Sneak; Walk; Run; Jump; Somersault Jump; Backflip; and Stealth (Batman stands with his back against a wall; and can peek around corners to observe his foes undetected).
  • Foes and Villains - The Caped Crusader must do battle with a horde of lesser thugs and crooks; as well as some of his traditional enemies (including some not listed here): Black Mask; Ventriloquist and Scarface; Ratcatcher; Killer Croc; Mr. Zsasz; Mr. Freeze; Poison Ivy; the Joker.
  • Vehicles - While Batman will be seen at the controls of several famous vehicles in some of the awesome cinematics; in the game you will only control one: Batglider.