Asteroids (Atari 2600)

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Asteroids (Atari 2600)

Humanity Fights A Losing Galactic War! Their Only Hope: a Young Pilot and a Girl Forever Changed. You are Roy Becket; a young pilot with dreams of becoming as skilled as his adoptive father. When a galactic war with an ancient mechanical alien race reaches its boiling point; Roy is forced to spring into action and take control of an otherworldly bipedal war machine in hopes of saving what's left of humanity. Joining Roy is a young girl who claims to have escaped the clutches of the nefarious aliens. Forever altered through horrible experimentation; she now possesses the very abilities humanity will need to push back the doomsday clock. Together; they must battle an unrelenting army alone and reunite their shattered family. The End of All Things is in sight. At the edge of eradication stands Astebreed. - Arcade Shooter Evolved Astebreed takes the classic arcade shooter and breathes new life into it. Using lovingly crafted 3D models; cutting edge particle effects; and tried-and-true Japanese mecha designs; Astebreed delivers an unparalleled atmosphere of beautiful destruction. - A Full Arsenal Roy has a considerable arsenal to combat his foes; as well. Armed with the mysterious Lucis device; Roy's mech can shoot from a distance; paint targets for precision homing attacks; and even get close for a killing blow with a powerful blade attack. No enemy shall escape your wrath; no matter where they hide. - Dynamically Perspective Your enemies are not always ahead of you. Your enemies swarm; fly and intercept; and Astebreed's dynamic perspective always keeps the action in view. Seamlessly switching between veritcal; horizontal; and 3D shooter; Astebreed will keep you guessing what your next threat will be; without ever interrupting the action.