American Chopper 2: Full Throttle (PS2)

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American Chopper 2: Full Throttle (PS2)

It's bigger; badder and better than ever with more of everything you love about the original game. Play as Paul Senior; Paulie; Mikey and Vinnie and experience the pressure and drama of the Discovery Channel hit TV series as you build four custom choppers for a motorcycle competition. Deal with the conflicts and problems that arise when you compete in family battles; races and other biker challenges in order to earn your parts and respect from Paul Senior. Everything culminates to a final showdown - are your custom creations up to the challenge?

  • Play as Mikey; Vinnie; Paul Sr & Paulie
  • 12 theme bikes from the show - including the Fire Bike; Liberty Bike; Future Bike plus new bikes
  • Three times the number of parts in the 1st game for maximum customization! Parts now affect your speed; handling and acceleration; etc. Paint; chrome; powder coat; & add decals to your chopper
  • Earn better parts and respect from Paul Senior by competing in family battles; races and challenges
  • Lifelike physics and handling: each bike handles differently! Perform more chopper stunts: jumps; wheelies; burnouts and more. Spectacular crashes with various outcomes - dump; slide; flip; etc
  • Variety of themed challenges and gameplay elements will test your chopper skills: race; perform stunts including sliding under a semi-trailer; experience police chases; and more!